What to do?

Looking back to my journey to Ukraine I have to say: I could have saved a lot of time, money and nerves by skipping this experience. Therfore my advice is: Stay away to save your money and your heart.

Be extreamly causious in case you still want to get involved or you are already involved. Organise your own interpreter. First, you would not need to blindly trust the interpreter of the agency. Second, you can find out wether your date is still interested while the agency does not earn money on the interpretation service.

Of course I can only talk about my own experience. But this experience is clear enough. What I hear from other customers is always a little different in detail. However I have not yet found any satisfied customer. I am still looking for such a positive example. Therefore:

Pleas let me know your experience. I am glad for every message, positive as well as negative, by women as well as by men.

In case you are in doubt about Best-Matchmaking: Be welcome to contact me as well. Conversation can solve many doubts.

Post your honest and sound review on review sites like Trustpilot und sitejabber. Two sound reviews on Trustpilot helped me to reveal Best-Matchmaking’s business practices. But be causious: I assume a lot of fabricated reviews there.

Some details, I do not publish on my blog. It might be interesting to you. Maybe you can also help to make Best-Matchmaking’s bogus business practices more public to warn others. Not everybody need to do the same mistake again. I would not go public about the details.

If you wish, I can also publish your experience on my website. Anonymously or including your name.

Should we take legal action against Best-Matchmaking? I don’t know. Let me know, if you are at home in the subject.

Felix Berlin

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