Looking back to my journey to Ukraine I have to say: I could have saved a lot of time, money and nerves by skipping this experience. Therfore my advice is: Stay away to save your money and your heart.

The closer I look, the more I see. I cannot document all this on my website anymore. It seems secondary. The mess is already obvious to me. And I do not want to publish further inconsistancies on my blog, just to encourage Kate to hide them better just the next days. Please contact me for more details to tell or to ask for. Be as well welcome to let me know in case you find something, I should update on my website.

My account was deleted after I have shared my bad experimence with other man on Best-Matchmaking’s online dating plattform. I asked Kate for her perspective on my story. However, after I had payed the 650 Euro she had kind of pressed me to pay as a commission, Kate contacted me just one time only: She asked for another 25 Euro for picking up the money from the MoneyGram office I had transfered the commission to. She not even asked me about the meeting with Maria (name changed), the lady I met. In a YouTube-Video by Olga Rezinkova Kate claims that no customer would get disappointed because the agency would always continue to support everybody though. The only thing, I continue to receive are Kate’s addvertising mailings. Instead the agency puts pressure on Maria.

However, 3 days ago, I received an email from Kate:

Her claim is somehow strange: How could her customers prove that I illegally would have hacked their data from her website?

I already published how I warned other men while their profiles were publicly shown on best-matchmaking.com. Afterwards Kate modified her website.

Now, Kate has shared her perspective. Here I share Kate’s perspective with you.

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