Another perspective on the war in Ukraine

The American William Toel talks about the background of the Russian politics in his video message of today (19th of March 2022):

Video title: Did Vulture Shark-Eats-Shark Capitalism Lead to the Ukraine Crisis?
rumble channel: FelixBerlin
(Please tell me, if this video is not available anymore. I keep a backup.)

Here you find the original video on YouTube:

Video title: Führte Raubtierkapitalismus zur Ukraine Krise? | William Toel (English: Did Vulture Shark-Eats-Shark Capitalism Lead to the Ukraine Crisis?)
Youtube channel: William Toel
(Please tell me, if this video is not available anymore. I keep a backup.)

For your convenience, I have written down William Toel’s message below:

Hello, this is William Toel speaking to you.

If we really want to understand what is happening in Ukraine today, we must go back to the period 1989 to 1992.

This is not a pro-Putin-anti-Putin argument. That is a propaganda technique of labeling. The only possible solution will come from having objective truth.

The Soviet Union was doomed to fail. It needed a major reorganization that could not be done within the rigidity of the Communist Party.

When it did suddenly collapse, it was chaos. The US and the British private sectors saw some of the world’s richest resources, whose potential was still mostly untapped or inefficiently utilized. Nearly everyone of the top conglomerates in the world, including the largest banks, sent teams of people racing to the obvious profit opportunities. You could not find a hotel room in Russia. Every CEO, CFO and merger and acquisition specialist, including an army of business consultants, arrived in a feeding frenzy – with each trying to beat the other – to the hidden riches now laid bare. There was no authority in Russia to hinder them. Well, it was as if a magnificent old country house full of riches and valuable antiques was suddenly abandoned and a mob descended upon the house, pushing and shoving until everything of value was stripped away. Bribery was rampant. And the deal was made one day, was superseded by deals made the next day.

In retrospect, this was one of the most shameful episodes in western history. A huge and embarrassing mistake. One that was very predictable, giving the vulture shark-eats-shark capitalism taught and practiced at that time. It seemed too good to be true: A chance to destroy forever the hated and feared archenemy of the cold war and to get very rich at the same time. There was no thought of future consequences. Only a mad rush to grasp wealth before someone else did.

This is the background for Putin’s often stated grievance against the West; always instantly branded as a lie or fabrication.

You never hurt a person when they are on the ground. Whether it is grieving the loss of a loved one or an extreme illness: They never forget how they were treated. Like the good Samaritan, it should be an opportunity to reach down and help them to their feet and get them started along the way to recovery.

We need to take a step toward understanding. How does it benefit any of you to escalate threats and build resentment? There must be a solution other than a march towards nuclear war.

Since 1945, the United States has created a global system. In which, it can influence and monitor almost the entire world, using government agencies, global institutions and private corporations. It has created a network, a link-together like electronic pods, around the globe.

This system gives the US carte blanche. It can do anything it wants, in almost any country, at any time. Unlike the Romans, who showed the face of brutal power, the US shows the smiling face of Coca-Cola and Christianity. Churches in the US have been the most consistent vocal supporters of US wars and incursions.

By 1991, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, when Russia was flat on its back, the US came in with the pretense of a helping hand. Instead, as she lay prostrate and vulnerable, Russia was raped. It has not been forgotten and is a key driving force behind the leadership of Russia today. Most of those Russians who are opposing Vladimir Putin now were not born yet or too young at the time to understand and feel the impact of what happened.

Since that time the United States has held a superior attitude towards Russia and consistently poked and goaded the Russian bear. The attitude of disrespect is pervasive in the English-speaking world and in every instance tries to force Russian people to submit and bend to knee. This is why Kiev is a bride that cannot be given over to others for abuse.

For a time, you can force people into submission. But when you do, you drive their beliefs deeper, where they become stronger. Then they are always listening for a voice that will give them a release with immense power. This is where Putin gets his power in Russia today. And it is why the West’s plan to get rid of him will have little long-term effect. Putin has given the Russian people back their self-respect.

What we see playing out today between the West and Russia is the same thing that happened twice in the 20th century. Word for word and threat for threat against Germany who dared to be independent of the American and British control.

Thank you for listening to me. This is William Toel.

William Toel, video message, 19th of March 2022

Remarkable Word from inside Ukraine

A women I got to know in Ukraine in 2020 sent me the following message last Tuesday:

I know about [the open] boundaries. But I am on my own land and under no circumstances will I leave it. I help in the hospital. It is very scary to look at young men who are ready to give their lives for the sake of their homeland. It’s very, very scary. But I’m needed here.

Viber message fro Ukraine, March 15th, 2022

This woman is physically handicapped and needs regular medical treatment. I had told her about the current possibility for refugees from Ukraine to enter Germany. A Biased Review Site

Visit my website about sitejabber: sitejaber.iNFO

How I discovered that sitejabber coveres up fraud

The review site ought to provide an independent and unbiased view on online businesses. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

By investigating internet love scam, I also looked at reviews on and wrote critical reviews on myself. This way I found out how sitejabber covers up fraud.

Have you ever thought about why ratings on the review site are so high? Myself, I feel most motivated to write a review after I have gotten really disappointed by a service or purchaise. In cases when everything goes well, we usually think little about writing a review. Therefore critical reviews should be overrepresented on a review site. However, at sitejabber, we see just the opposite. If you open just five-star reviews show up:

Screenshot from my browser, when opening on December 5th 2021.

sitejabber is a commercial company. sitejabber earns money through cooperations with business websites which benefit from positive reviews on sitejabber. Obviously, this makes sitejabber biased. Critical reviews with low ratings just interfere with sitejabber’s business model. And this is where the bias starts. If you read sitejabber’s slogan carefully to the end, the last word reveals what they care about:

Screenshot of sitejabber’s link on social media platform Viber.

Critical reviews secretly disappear

I wondered why at sitejabber I could not find critical reviews about websites with obviously shady businesses practices. I put my own critical reviews on sitejabber and thought others could read my reviews. When I told others, to look for my critical reviews on, they could not find them. I tried to contact sitejabber several times, but never got any response, except from automated messages. In contrast to Trustpilot, never ever, someone from sitejabber responded to me.

Probably, when the reviewed website’s manager contacts sitejabber and complains about a critical review, this critical review will be hidden from the public. It is the first level of bias at sitejabber: Prompt response to business complaints but no response to critical customers. This is my repeated experience.

By taking offline critical reviews sitejabber obviously helps fraudulent business practices to remain undiscovered. However, it is worse: The author is not even been notified.

sitejabber covers up their own censorship

As soon as you have logged in at, all your reviews are visible for you. Also, your reviews counts for the overall rating of businesses. However, for another visitor, your reviews might be suppressed. sitejabber may even show different ratings to others than to you.

If you write a review on sitejabber, you will be informed by email, when sitejabber receives your review. When your review goes online, sitejabber sends you another email. These steps are standard procedures and such notifications are not very interesting for the author. In contrast, if sitejabber takes your review offline, sitejabber will not tell you. sitejabber even creates a different version of their website for you. This different version makes you believe that all reviews are visible on sitejabber.

Not enough that sitejabber covers up critical reviews. sitejabber even hides this censorship systematicaly to the authors of critical reviews. This is not a random mistake in the system. I consider this fraudulent deception.


This example shows how sitejabber suppresses my critical review on The two screenshots testify how sitejabber shows different results about 1matching:

sitejabber’s page on for my account
sitejabber’s page on for others

In this example, sitejabber calculates a rating of 3.5 stars for me. To others, sitejabber shows a clean five-star rating. Also, my review on is not visible for others. The following snippets show the differences:

For me:

For others:

Find out yourself

You do not need to believe me. You can find out yourself. Write a critical review on sitejabber and see what will happen. Contact sitejabber and find out how they respond.

And please let others know, what you find out. You can write a comment or send me an email. Please include a screenshot if possible.

Ironic reality

While writing this article, this morning, I logged into sitejabber and the first review sitejabber showed me was about sitejabber’s competitor ebay:

This page showed up when logged into sitejabber on December 5th 2021. The headline of Sally’s review on ebay reads: „Ebay is no longer safe. Ebay now allows sellers to have feedback removed on request“

Today, sitejabber teaches me how competitor ebay removes critical reviews. The difference between sitejabber and ebay is the following: On ebay, Sally can see that her review has been removed. sitejabber goes one step further and tricks you into believing that they appreciate your critical view.

Reviews on sitejabber

Lies don’t travel far. Today, I opened and searched for „“. Yes, at you can find reviews on sitejabber itself. I looked for the one-star reviews and found a lot of them telling exactly the story I am telling here.

You can see these reviews yourself on sitejabber.

You can also find these reviews archived on (captured 2021-12-05).

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich’s ATM Physician Story with English Subtitles

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich’s story about the a physician who hugged a frightened elderly woman is now also available with English subtitles:

Video title: ATM story compilition with English subtitles
rumble channel: FelixBerlin

(Please let me know in case this video is not available anymore. I got a backup.)

I have cut out this story from Dr. Reiner Fuellmich’s summery of Berlin’s Corona Comitee’s interims results on September 16th 2021. The whole speech (German language) can be found on odysee, where it was originally published on Berlin’s Corona Comitee’s channel ( ). A transcription (German language) is on my blog post from September 26th 2021.

German Movie „JESUS LIEBT MICH“ (JESUS LOVES ME) with English Subtitles

I have put English subtitles on the German UFA movie „JESUS LIEBT MICH“ (English: JESUS LOVES ME). Here you see the Trailer 4 with such subtitles:

Video title: Jesus loves me (Jesus liebt mich) – with English subtitles (Trailer)
rumble channel: FelixBerlin
(Please let me know in case this video is not available anymore. I got a backup.)
Video title: JESUS LIEBT MICH (English: JESUS LOVES ME) Trailer 4 with English subtitles
YouTube channel: Felix Berlin

(Please let me know in case this video is not available anymore. I got a backup.)

I doubt copyright allows me publish the entire movie here. If you are interested in the subtitles of the entire movie, please contact me. We will find a way to share the English subtitles of the entire movie.

Kate is hiding

While finalising the Russian translation of my diary of my visit to Ukraine, the scales fell from my eyes:

Why I had been so confused with the spelling of Kate’s name?

Kate changes her name by purpose. Her purpose is to hide.

Here are some variations:


On LinkedIn Kate has 3 profiles:

On LinkedIn Kate calles herself Katrina Elbahey. But it is still strange. Usually, on LinkedIn you build up a network of business connections. It makes no sense to set up a new profile if you change the name of your business. It is actually counterproductive because you lose your business links. The same with moving from Ukraine to Malta. New profiles only helps you to hide connections.

On the review site I read a review pointing out the huge importance of reputation in an industry like matchmaking and asking why Kate would change a name of good reputation. Only bad reputation you would try to delink.

On her own website, she usually calls herself just Kate. In more formal context, she calls herself Katrina or Katerina and adds a surname variation: El, Elbahey or Mrs. ElBahey. Maybe a testimonial uses a name variation by chance. However, in the following, we will see names that cannot be considered spelling or transcription variations/mistakes:

On her former website she cold herself Katrina Baslineeva:

Elsewhere on the page, she calls herself Mrs. Katrina Baslineeva and Mrs. Katrina El the same time.

On her new website, „Kate“ calls herself Katrina EL:

Screenshot from – while pointing on her picture, the name Katrina EL appears.

Other Aliases

On her bank account she is called ELBAKHEI KATERYNA:

Maybe the scrambled letters somehow correlate with the failure of my credit card payment on I have writen down my experience in the form of a diary.

On November 25th 2020, Kate called herself Ekaterina Ebahey on MoneyGram:

Kate’s email offering me to pay via MoneyGram to Ekaterina Ebahey

On December 6th 2020, when I would pay commission, however, her surname gained an l. Unfortunately, at that time, I did not yet realise the difference:

Other variations I met where ELbahey, Elnahey, Katryna and Katarina. Her Kyrillic name is Катерина or Екатерина Эльбахей.






7 forenames and 8 surnames. Who will find more? Write a comment!

7 times 8 equals 56. These are a lot of possible combinations to fabricate identities and cause confusion. But maybe Kate is even forced to do so, just to avoid the consequences of her dubious behaviour boomeranging on herself. It is a pity.

The different names are just another piece in the puzzle of Kate’s bogus behaviour. And the swamp is endless. It does not even end with her person. Wherever I look, I see the fraud. I cannot unravel everything. The shabby nature of the business practicess is obvious anyway. I just can warn you. Think yourself.

Examined: Best-Matchmaking at

Two weeks ago, I looked at Best-Matchmaking’s reviews on Trustpilot. No I take a closer look at another review site:

First, I myself signed up and created my account and then went through the review procedure of sitejabber. The review procedure is more detailed than on Trustpilot. The presentation of the reviews, though, is more confusing on sitejabber. Alltogether there are 9 reviews of Best-Matchmaking on sitejabber.
Update (2021-03-17): Almost two month passed. However, my review is not yet online visible for other visitors of sitejabber.
Update (2021-11-01): In September 2021, 3 new reviews on Best-Matchmaking has appeared on sitejabber. All of them are 5 star reviews. My critical review has been online for about one day only after I had rewritten it and posted it again with a new account. I have tried to contact sitejabber several times. They do not response but automated. For me it became obvious that sitejabber is biased. They actually relay on positive reviews as they work with business partnerships. This is how they earn money. Probabbly, Kate complained about my review and later fabricated new reviews in her favour. Look at the Q&A tab rather than at the Reviews tab on sitejabber. Q&A seems to be below the radar for sitejabber’s / Best-Matchmaking’s interferences.

Taking away my own review and the fabricated one of Rudy Rodriguez, which I have examined yesterday already, there are 7 more reviews to look at.

The two newest reviews are written in German language:

Both reviews are identical with the two German-reading reviews on Trustpilot. Just one headline has changed a bit. On my examination on the Trustpilot reviews I have shown how the wording strongly indicates a non-native writer which among others makes these reviews implausible. Here we see both using an animal image on the profile. Just the same as Rudy Rodriguez’s dubious profile on sitejabber.
Besides the suspicious wording Detlef S. rates „Shipping“ and „Returns“ on his review. Shipping and returns are categories which does not apply to dating and relationship. It all looks like a clumsy and sloppy fabrication.

The following review is by Jarett S. He is enthusiastic. He has been on the site for 3 to 4 months:

Jarrett is obviously in the state of online dating. When I was online dating before leaving to meet a woman in person, at this time I also was very satisfied with Best-Matchmaking’s service. They respond very fast if you have a problem with the site, which actually has a lot of technical flaws. The manipulative interventions I did not yet recognise at that time. I just woke up when I wanted to meet a woman in person. Jarrett is not yet there. Therefore Jarrett’s review does not contradict my fraud accusation.
Update (2021-03-18): I contacted Jarrett S. He is real. Since his review, he went further on. He experienced similar issues as me. He organised his journey himself as I did. The agency asked him to pay commission and he bargained and got the woman’s contact info for 650 EUR. However, he is not as disappointed as me. His idea is to take the good (gorgeous women) with the bad (the agencies). It really surprised me. He believes the women to date are the ones who trick the men, not the agency. I doubt that. I think they somehow do it both. And even if Jarrett was right, an agency like Best-Matchmaking, that claims just having seriously marriage minded women on their page, such an agency should be somehow responsible for such trickery of their (female) clients. After all, Jarrett has not yet found his spouse. And he has not given up.
For me this is an example how well this so called soft scam works. There are real women behind the profiles, but the agency has no intention to match you to become a couple but tries to keep you uncertain as long as possible. This way they get most money out of you. The agency also does not check the women for their intention to marry a foreigner or other content on their profiles for being realistic.
In an industry where other agencies might never give you the chance to meet a woman on their site (so called hard scam), a website like that let you actually meet somebody might look sober and relatively honest. I think, Best-Matchmaking’s fraud is just more sufisticated.

The following two reviews are again two names we find on Trustpilot as well:

Holly’s review on sitejabber is quite different to the one on Trustpilot placed just one day before, where he talks about his family. Anyway, both reviews indicate using Best-Matchmaking’s matchmaking service. Therefore they have not use the bogus online dating trap I fell into. Here I explain how the scam works. More about Holly and Amjad at my examination of Trustpilot’s reviews.

After Rudy Rodriguez’s review, the next review again uses an animal as profile image:

James review is the first positive review of Best-Matchmaking’s online dating and visiting the Ukraine on sitejabber where I cannot find clear signs for fraud. The animal profile picture might be a coincidence. It is possible he went on the tour met the ladies and still has not discovered being betried by a fake phone number, as I experienced it myself.

The oldest review is the rather negative one of G E., who calls himself Scamhunter (click on his name and you will see):

Scamhunter has written 9 reviews about several dating websites. It looks like he has not really been involved with Best-Matchmaking as a client but just looked at the website. Samhunter’s prophecy has come through: There are a lot of fabricated reviews on sitejabber now. If you look at Best-Matchmaking’s website yourself, you can find contradictions yourself.


On sitejabber, there are 7 reviews besides my one and the one by Scamhunter. All these remaining 7 reviews are positive. But…

3 reviews are obviously fabricated (Detlef, Uwe, Rudy)
2 reviews are of clients of the matchmaking program, which means they did not use the bogus online dating (Holly, Amjad).
1 Jarrett writes the review before he could discover the scam

…only the one single review of James could be a real positive review of Best-Matchmaking’s online dating platform. Even though there are doubts. Anyhow the review is more than two years old. Best-Matchmaking can have changed business practices as indicated on another review on Trustpilot.

Half a year ago, Best-Matchmaking charged per letter on their online dating plattform. Now they have a monthly fee and worn everybody about the fraud of websites that offer per-letter-payment.

Reviews were of crucial help for me to understand Best-Matchmaking’s fraud. Please write your honest and experience based review on sitejabber.

Rudy Rodriguez: Best-Matchmaking’s fabricated Testimonial

After looking at Best-Matchmaking’s reviews on Trustpilot, I had a look at the review site sitejabber. Here I found Rudy Rodriguez‘ review. Exactly the same words as on Best-Matchmaking’s testimonial list. Rudy Rodriguez is the one testimonial I also found on Olga Rezinkova’s video about Best-Matchmaking some days ago. What a coincidence!

Together with Rudy’s words about how he got to know a woman with the help of Best-Matchmaking, there is a video interview on the website:

Video-Titel: Dating Site Review & Experience BestMatchmaking

This video is revealing. This American man, Rudy, introduces himself as working „full time in a steel mill“ (0:31). Look at his reviews on sitejabber:

Here Rudy mentions in the upper review that he runs „a dating business“. Why Rudy keeps silent about his dating business in his introduction at the interview? Even when asked (1:14) why he has choosen Best-Matchmaking, Rudy says he had been on another disappointing dating site before. Obviously Rudy could have mentioned his own dating business at this point. Or is this disappointing dating site his own dating business? Asked why he looked for a wife online and among Ukraininan women (2:22), Rudy shares his disappointment with the American dating scene. What a foundation to run a dating business!
But Rudy makes the most revieling statement when he talks about the woman he met. He calls her Natalia (4:00). On sitejabber, as well as the identical testimonial on Best-Matchmaking’s website, Rudy calls her Oksana. Is this the reason why Kate (the owner of Best-Matchmaking and the concerning video’s YouTube channel Ukraine brides) does not allow to run the video directly below Rudy’s written words? You have to open the video seperately:

All together it looks like a clumsy fabrication.

I have written a comment below this YouTube video on January 17th 2021. Check yourself if it has been locked by Kate, the owner of Best-Matchmaking and the YouTube channel.

Maybe Rudy Rodriguez or the agency contacted Olga Rezinkova intentionally to place his fabricated testimonial on her YouTube channel well known to review the dating scene in the Ukraine.

Most likely the video footage is true. It is hard to fake something like this. And I taked to Rudy Rodriguez. He is real as well. The review on as well as the identical written testimonial on Best-Matchmaking’s site are both easily fabricated. Together with the second review in sitejabber where Rudy Rodriquez claims running a dating business. I could not find anything about such a dating business. Even Rudy Rodriquez himself denied to have a dating business. Maybe Rudy Rodriquez met Oksana first. And then, maybe on the same journey to the Ukraine met with Natalia.

The photos of Rudy with Oksana a ar all from the same meeting. Flowers, clothes and furniture indicate that. It looks like a first meeting, when the clients are advised to give flowers to the woman. Even the body language of Oksana rather shows reservation in the right side photo. I really looks like a first meeting.

The biggest problem of such testimonies and reviews is the situation they are given. Maybe the man has paid a lot of money and they had to wait for quite a while before they could meet his date. They are full of expectations and then they are happy to meet. They are excited. Then you get their testimony from this very special situation. It does not tell at all whether this will finally enter into a lasting relationship. Even fraud could continue. Some clients told me they have been in contact with a woman from Best-Matchmaking for several month after they met in person, when they finally found, the woman was never seriously into it. I also heard of the fake phone number fraud I faced from other clients. This can continue even when back home from a personal meeting.