Kate is hiding

While finalising the Russian translation of my diary of my visit to Ukraine, the scales fell from my eyes:

Why I had been so confused with the spelling of Kate’s name?

Kate changes her name by purpose. Her purpose is to hide.

Here are some variations:


On LinkedIn Kate has 3 profiles:

On LinkedIn Kate calles herself Katrina Elbahey. But it is still strange. Usually, on LinkedIn you build up a network of business connections. It makes no sense to set up a new profile if you change the name of your business. It is actually counterproductive because you lose your business links. The same with moving from Ukraine to Malta. New profiles only helps you to hide connections.

On the review site sitejabber.com I read a review pointing out the huge importance of reputation in an industry like matchmaking and asking why Kate would change a name of good reputation. Only bad reputation you would try to delink.


On her own website best-matchmaking.com, she usually calls herself just Kate. In more formal context, she calls herself Katrina or Katerina and adds a surname variation: El, Elbahey or Mrs. ElBahey. Maybe a testimonial uses a name variation by chance. However, in the following, we will see names that cannot be considered spelling or transcription variations/mistakes:


On her former website katesmodels.com she cold herself Katrina Baslineeva:

Elsewhere on the page, she calls herself Mrs. Katrina Baslineeva and Mrs. Katrina El the same time.


On her new 1matching.com website, „Kate“ calls herself Katrina EL:

Screenshot from http://www.1matching.com/our-team/ – while pointing on her picture, the name Katrina EL appears.

Other Aliases

On her bank account she is called ELBAKHEI KATERYNA:

Maybe the scrambled letters somehow correlate with the failure of my credit card payment on best-matchmaking.com. I have writen down my experience in the form of a diary.

On November 25th 2020, Kate called herself Ekaterina Ebahey on MoneyGram:

Kate’s email offering me to pay via MoneyGram to Ekaterina Ebahey

On December 6th 2020, when I would pay commission, however, her surname gained an l. Unfortunately, at that time, I did not yet realise the difference:

Other variations I met where ELbahey, Elnahey, Katryna and Katarina. Her Kyrillic name is Катерина or Екатерина Эльбахей.






7 forenames and 8 surnames. Who will find more? Write a comment!

7 times 8 equals 56. These are a lot of possible combinations to fabricate identities and cause confusion. But maybe Kate is even forced to do so, just to avoid the consequences of her dubious behaviour boomeranging on herself. It is a pity.

The different names are just another piece in the puzzle of Kate’s bogus behaviour. And the swamp is endless. It does not even end with her person. Wherever I look, I see the fraud. I cannot unravel everything. The shabby nature of the business practicess is obvious anyway. I just can warn you. Think yourself.


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