A First Success

On January 6th I pointed out that men’s profiles are displayed publicly on the dubious online dating plattform Best-Matchmaking, despite the opposite statement on the registration process. Now the profile gallery has been changed.

Here is the drop-down menu as of January 6th:

…and here is the drop-down menu as it appears now:

„Men gallery“ has disappeared.

Unfortunately, the other inconsistencies as I have experienced, discovered and documented it, these other inconsistencies continue. I even doubt, the agency intends to protect the men’s privacy. Maybe the agency just want to prevent the male clients to exchange their experiences.

Kate’s scams seem to continue too. All the contradictions that causing confusion are still online.

You may consider Best-Matchmaking’s business serious or bogus. In any case, Best-Matchmaking treats men and women differently. The women are displayed publicly. The men cannot see each other, not even while logged in. The whole website is focused on male clients. Do women use the website at all? How do they look for men? The men are not on the gallery. How would women find them? That means only the agency can send an intrudaction message to a man.

What so ever, after I had mentioned the publicly displayed male profiles, my account was deleted. Is this the agency’s way to say thanks?

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