Copy and Paste Messages

In my Testimony of my experience with Best-Matchmaking I have mentioned 4 messages I received as well as at least two other man exactly at the same times. Here are the messages in my inbox and in two other accounts:

The messages of the 4 women (December 23rd and 24th) at my inbox
The messages of the 4 women at another man’s inbox
The messages of the 4 women at a second other man’s inbox

The slidely different timestamps on the messages show these screenshoots are taken from differen accounts. The third woman from the bottem up is sometimes promoted in Best-Matchmaking’s ad banner.

It also happens, somebody receives the same message weeks after another one has received it. This is Petra’s message (name changed) of November 23rd 2020. I received this message without having market her as favorit. I did not contacted her at all. I did not even saw her profile before:

And this is the same message received by another man on January 4th 2021. This man had sent an inquiry to her by the heart symbol:

Have you received messages worded in suspiciously general terms? Send me an email:

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