Olga Rezinkova about Best-Matchmaking

I tried to find the opinion of others about Best-Matchmaking and found Olga Rezinkova’s YouTube video on her channel Reznikova Relationship:

Video-Titel: Should you trust Best Matchmaking Ukrainian Marriage agency?

In her video, Olga mentions that she works in Kiew, while Best-Matchmaking would do this in Zaporozhye und Kharkov. That means Olga is working in this industry, where she receives and cares for customers visiting the Ukraine.

One thing Olga got right (1:13):
Olga says Best-Matchmaking is not an online dating plattform but a marriage agency. For her these are clearly very different animals. Indirectly, Olga supports my accusation of fraud: I accuse Best-Matchmaking of operating the online dating plattform just to lure customers into their agency sevices, which are to be paid extra and very expensive. You can browse the website yourself and judge yourself whether Best-Matchmaking looks like offering an online dating service. I have described the fraud as I have experienced it.

A first inconsistency appears in Olga’s video at (2:25) when she describes possible means of communication on Best-Matchmaking where she mentions the option „personal meeting“. Meanwhile Olga displays a screenshot of Best-Matchmaking’s Romance Tours page. The displayed screenshot cut-out is choosen in a way, that makes it difficult to associate the screenshot with the Romance Tours. Later (3:25), Olga starts a new part of her talk with „another thing“ to introduce just the Romance Tours of which we saw the screenshot a minute ago. At the first glance, mentioning this inconsistancy might look pedantic. But this is the pattern how Kate, the CEO of Best-Matchmaking, masses up her offers and promisses on her website. Why Olga follows this same pattern as well?

Olga says, she contacted Rudy Rodriguez, a testimonial on best-matchmaking.com (5:21). Later (6:10) Olga says „at the end I contact (sic!) the owner“. How could Olga ask Rudy Rodriguez before asking the agency owner for his contact? On Facebook, for example, there are countless Rudy Rodriguezes. It makes me think: Is Olga covering up a proximity to Kate she would like to hide.
(See my update below)

Later Olga gives the floor to Kate herself. Kate says (7:20), if a customer, for any reason, is has no successs, she would continue her support „free of charge for him until he is satisfied“. This way, a customer „will never get disappointed“. Such a promise cannot be serious. In my case, the agency not even contacted me after meeting their woman. No follow up at all. The only thing I continued to receive were Kate’s advertisement mails and copy and paste messages of women, which were sent to many men by the same time.
Further on, Kate claims „we are very flexible“. When I asked Kate for interpretation service for my date with a women of her online dating plattform, she proved the opposite:

Instead of the requested interpretation service, Kate offered me her expensive Romance Tour, which actually includes the requested interpretation (see 4. Translation services). Is this flexible? Kates flexibility ends wherever she can sell something more expensive.


If Olga has been that naive and has believed what she says in her video and has missed all the inconsistancies I have mentioned above, in that case she had fallen into Kate’s cheating trap herself. Kate is obviously very good at selling her trickery. After I lost trust in Kate, I hired an interpreter myself. Kate also convinced my interpreter: After a phone call with Kate my interpreter thought everything would just be a misunderstanding. Anyway, Olga’s video shows me again how well Kate’s scam works. Unfortunaltely it does not explain anything I have experienced with Best-Matchmaking.

Update January 13th 2021:
I wrote to Olga and ask her for her statement. She replied the same day (very different to Kate who does not reply at all to critical questions).
Olga told me, she could not remember every detail about her video 4 years ago. But about Rudy Rodrigues she made a clear statement:

NO way I would go into such crazy way to get testimonials of the agencies hehe. And if you want to have real opinion from the person, for sure you do not need to ask agency provide contacts of the people, because sure they will give you only successful clients or at all somebody fake. 
On that time, while I was making a lot of videos about dating, I was getting a lot of letters and messages from the people who were using different agencies. So that was not a problem to find reviews about any agencies among my subscribers.

Olga clearly understands that testimonials provided by the agency are successful examples only and might even be faked. Why Olga consciously (5:05) contacted Rudy Rodrigues, exactly the client on top of Best-Matchmaking’s testimonials list?

Update January 17th 2021:
While checking the Best-Matchmaking’s reviews sitejabber, I see Rudy Rodriguez again. He has made two reviews on this review site. His review on Best-Matchmaking is a word by word copy of his testimonial on the agency’s website. On the other review, Rudy has made on sitejabber, he mentions running „a dating business“. Furthermore, there is a video interview just below Rudy’s written statement on the agency’s site. Rudy Rodriguez calls his date Natalia. On the written statement, he calls her Oksana. Here you see all the contradictions in detail.
All together it looks like a clumsy fabrication.
If you want to believe in Olga Rezinkova’s integrity, Rudy Roudriguez most likely contacted her to place his fabrication about Best-Matchmaking in her well-known YouTube channel.

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