Rudy Rodriguez: Best-Matchmaking’s fabricated Testimonial

After looking at Best-Matchmaking’s reviews on Trustpilot, I had a look at the review site sitejabber. Here I found Rudy Rodriguez‘ review. Exactly the same words as on Best-Matchmaking’s testimonial list. Rudy Rodriguez is the one testimonial I also found on Olga Rezinkova’s video about Best-Matchmaking some days ago. What a coincidence!

Together with Rudy’s words about how he got to know a woman with the help of Best-Matchmaking, there is a video interview on the website:

Video-Titel: Dating Site Review & Experience BestMatchmaking

This video is revealing. This American man, Rudy, introduces himself as working „full time in a steel mill“ (0:31). Look at his reviews on sitejabber:

Here Rudy mentions in the upper review that he runs „a dating business“. Why Rudy keeps silent about his dating business in his introduction at the interview? Even when asked (1:14) why he has choosen Best-Matchmaking, Rudy says he had been on another disappointing dating site before. Obviously Rudy could have mentioned his own dating business at this point. Or is this disappointing dating site his own dating business? Asked why he looked for a wife online and among Ukraininan women (2:22), Rudy shares his disappointment with the American dating scene. What a foundation to run a dating business!
But Rudy makes the most revieling statement when he talks about the woman he met. He calls her Natalia (4:00). On sitejabber, as well as the identical testimonial on Best-Matchmaking’s website, Rudy calls her Oksana. Is this the reason why Kate (the owner of Best-Matchmaking and the concerning video’s YouTube channel Ukraine brides) does not allow to run the video directly below Rudy’s written words? You have to open the video seperately:

All together it looks like a clumsy fabrication.

I have written a comment below this YouTube video on January 17th 2021. Check yourself if it has been locked by Kate, the owner of Best-Matchmaking and the YouTube channel.

Maybe Rudy Rodriguez or the agency contacted Olga Rezinkova intentionally to place his fabricated testimonial on her YouTube channel well known to review the dating scene in the Ukraine.

Most likely the video footage is true. It is hard to fake something like this. And I taked to Rudy Rodriguez. He is real as well. The review on as well as the identical written testimonial on Best-Matchmaking’s site are both easily fabricated. Together with the second review in sitejabber where Rudy Rodriquez claims running a dating business. I could not find anything about such a dating business. Even Rudy Rodriquez himself denied to have a dating business. Maybe Rudy Rodriquez met Oksana first. And then, maybe on the same journey to the Ukraine met with Natalia.

The photos of Rudy with Oksana a ar all from the same meeting. Flowers, clothes and furniture indicate that. It looks like a first meeting, when the clients are advised to give flowers to the woman. Even the body language of Oksana rather shows reservation in the right side photo. I really looks like a first meeting.

The biggest problem of such testimonies and reviews is the situation they are given. Maybe the man has paid a lot of money and they had to wait for quite a while before they could meet his date. They are full of expectations and then they are happy to meet. They are excited. Then you get their testimony from this very special situation. It does not tell at all whether this will finally enter into a lasting relationship. Even fraud could continue. Some clients told me they have been in contact with a woman from Best-Matchmaking for several month after they met in person, when they finally found, the woman was never seriously into it. I also heard of the fake phone number fraud I faced from other clients. This can continue even when back home from a personal meeting.

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